Monthly Activity Form

Use this form to report your monthly hours! Hours need to be turned in to your Volunteer Manager by the 3rd of the month, for the previous month. (Example: Turn in January hours by February 3rd.)  **NOTE* *Mileage reporting is for your own purposes only (though it can be tracked in our database) as CASA of Lexington does not reimburse for mileage traveled. 

Rights and Responsibilities

Click here to download this form. Upon receipt of your case you are to give this form to the foster parent(s), explain the form, and document that you have done so. This form will need to be redone with every new foster home!

Form for Biological Parents

Use this form when you first meet the biological parents in your case. This form explains to them your role in their child's life and what they can expect. Print two copies--one for them to sign and you to keep in your records and one for them to keep!

Family Grievance Form

This form is to be given upon receipt of your case. The first page is two forms that can be separated and the second page should be kept for your records. Click here.