Our Mission

CASA of Lexington’s trained and supervised volunteers advocate through the family court system to ensure all victims of child abuse and neglect are provided a safe and permanent home.

CASA advocates are unique. Unlike lawyers and social workers, who are required to consider the parents’ or family’s interests, the CASA advocate focuses solely on what is best for the child(ren). Quite often throughout the child’s case, the foster parents, social workers, schools, towns, and everything else in the child’s life will change many times due to placement. One of the goals of CASA is to minimize these changes, both by providing continual monitoring and advocacy for the child, and by being a stable and constant person in this child’s life.

CASA advocates are everyday people with a passion for helping children. Our CASA advocates are appointed by judges and trained to advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children. CASA advocates stay involved with each child until that child is placed in a safe, permanent home. For many of these children, the CASA advocate is the one constant adult presence in their lives.

Hear Our Stories


My experience mentoring women recovering from drugs and alcohol abuse revealed a common theme.  Most had been abused as children.  In some instances, sexual, physical and emotional trauma forced them to survive on the streets.  Some became prostitutes.  Others committed petty crimes and eventually became felons to fuel a drug habit.  While talking with them, one thing kept entering my mind – what if there had been early intervention in their lives? 

Becoming a CASA volunteer gives me an opportunity to carry the voice of a child in crisis and to advocate for services during a critical time in their lives.  CASA volunteers help vulnerable children find healthy, positive futures.  If only one of them escapes the endless cycle of despair and breaks free of the system, it is well worth the effort



Becoming a CASA volunteer has made me feel like I have had a purpose beyond my own existence. The way you can make a difference in a child’s life is astounding. You can change the trajectory of a child’s life so they can live a happy, healthy life and receive the chances they would not have without a CASA.



“My interest in becoming a CASA volunteer stems from working side by side with a CASA volunteer advocating for a child placed in my foster home. It was enlightening to see someone else truly put his best interests first. My desire is to pay it forward by advocating for another child.”




“CASA tells me what I need to know to protect kids. Period.”

“CASA notices the sometimes small things that can make a BIG difference in a child’s quality of life”

“Hands down, children that have a CASA have a better outcome.”

-The Honorable Judge Traci Brislin

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Children who have had their lives turned head over heels many times feel like no one is listening to them and they have no voice. As a CASA volunteer, I have been able to establish relationship of trust with victims and give them a voice. They understand their CASA is here to help them, there is a sense of relief when your CASA children see you and know your visit is 100% about them. It is very uplifting to be in court and hear a judge quote from your reports and ask hard questions of the adults based on your findings. This is giving the children a voice.